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one more artfest post

I meant to post this on Friday, but I was stricken (yes, stricken) with a horrible bout of  fever and chills.  It was not pretty.  I was basically one unhappy, shivering, curled up ball for two days. I finally didn’t … Continue reading

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Artfest workshop 3 ~ Misty Mawn

My last class at artfest was with Misty Mawn. I am so incredibly grateful to have been able to get into her class. I’ve admired her work for so long. Initially, I signed up for her as first choice for … Continue reading

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artfest workshop 2 ~ Catherine Witherell

Onto workshop no. 2 of Artfest 2010… My second class was with Catherine Witherell making precious metal clay (pmc) pieces and earrings. Catherine is extremely talented and passionate about the precious metal clay process. Since I am newly again wearing … Continue reading

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Artfest workshop ~ Karen Michel

So, continuing on with wonderful Artfest experience… My first class was ‘Prayer Flags’ with Karen Michel. I chose this class because I love Karen’s style (you can see her flags here) and because she is a green artist. She recently … Continue reading

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Artfest, a dream come true

Artfest, oh man, it was a blast. A wonderful, creative, inspiring and exhausting retreat. I am tired now. A good, happy, content kind of tired. So I will break up my big adventure into small pieces, posting over several days. … Continue reading

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more pins and magnets

Thank you so much for all your input on my last set of magnets/brooches. I finally decided to make the smaller ones into magnets and the larger into pins. I got into a really nice groves getting these all done.  … Continue reading

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finding the right words

I’ve been very busy making little word magnets (I still have to glue on the magnets) for Artfest trades. They (the artfest folks) recommend making or having 50-100 things to trade. Is that crazy or what! Crazy cool, of course. … Continue reading

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Sorry it has been so quiet over here.  I’ve had one of those weeks: an extra shift, sick kids and a deadline for a project. Today I took some time for a bit of visiting with a friend, thrifting (I’ll … Continue reading

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