Halloween prep

Playing with a bit of paper clay today (the image has a canvas overlay- the skulls are pretty smooth).  Halloween wouldn’t be the same around here without a few skulls.

Other random thoughts:

*Halloween decorations need to go up.  You can see my decor here, here, here and here. There are more cool ideas here.

*Must make costumes soon (Harry and Hedwig).  You never know when the kids aren’t going to want homemade costumes again.  Gotta make it really count.

*I’ve had no coffee for 7 days and doing good, feeling great. Although the 2nd day was horrid.

*Watching Mad Men on Netflix.  Liking it so far. The hair and clothes are the best!  It’s been inspiring me to try things with my long hair.  Found some great stuff HERE.

*Preparing for a big hike down the Grand Canyon in 2 weeks!!

*Need to make some echinacea tincture and some elderberry syrup very soon.  There’s been some sniffling around here.

What have you been up to?

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3 Responses to Halloween prep

  1. Michelle Z says:

    How much elderberry syrup do you make at a time? How long does it last for you?

    I’ve seen some people make a HUGE batch and the implication is that they use it all winter long. But I’ve always made one jar at a time. I’ve never been brave enough to make more than we can use in a month.

  2. April Cole says:

    Thank you so much for all the info. very inspiring.
    Love the Fall.

  3. Andria says:

    I’ve never used paper clay…I like your Halloween skulls. I hope you’ll share your kids’ costumes when you have them made! Your Grand Canyon trip sounds amazing…that’s a dream trip of mine!

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