Throwback Thursday – CK top 20 posts

top 20 creative kismet

In the early days, I made  a lot of tutorials.  Some were big hits and others didn’t get much attention at all, which is fascinating to me. I never knew which ones would be liked and was/still am often surprised at which ones have had lasting power.

Using my stats, I’ve made a little list of my most clicked on, linked to and pinned posts–in no particular order. These top twenty are still going strong in the blog world – thank you for that!

Creative Kismet top 20

1. Origami Stars – (January 2011) – Made with self love messages inside.
2. Patchwork Pincushion – (November 2007)
3. Button Bracelet – ( July 2006) – My first “big” tutorial. Featured on Make
4. Flowered Wrap Skirt – (September 2007)
5. Beaded Crochet Bracelet – (June 2012) with video instructions
6. Rubber Stamps (several posts) – Tutorial, Storage & Care, Collection

Creative Kismet top 20

7. Pillowcase Pajama Shorts – (July 2010)
8. Gypsy Button Bracelet – (Sept 2008)
9. Red Rosin Art Journal – (Sept 2011)
10. Day of the Dead Planters – (October 2011)
11. The Katie Poncho – (Jan 2012)
12. Paper Bag Leaves – (October 2009)
13. Fluffy White Christmas Wreath – (original -Dec. 2006,  revisited – Dec 2008)
14. T-shirt Summer Cover Up – Also makes cute pajamas – (July 2009)

Creative Kismet top 20

15. Homemade Cleansing Oil – (May 2011)
16. Eyeball T-shirts – (Oct 2008)  – Watch my Martha Stewart Video!
17. Super Hero Cape – (Feb 09)
18. Sticky Note Holder – (Dec 2010)
19. Polymer Clay Button Bracelet – (Oct 06) I still love and wear this bracelet all the time!
20. Bottle cap flower brooch – (April 2001)


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The Tidy Project – Book Giveaway


Last April, my hubby and I got this book.  THIS book, that seriously changed our lives.  You have probably heard of it…. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, now a best seller in Japan, Europe and US, selling over 2 million copies.  Yeah, it’s that good.

First, something to keep in mind–If you are not in the mindset or of the belief that you need your home/life cleaned up, then this book might not be for you. You must first have the interest, inclination, desire to have a tidy home/life.  I truly believe that “self-help” books, which this sort of is, only work if you first, TRULY want a specific change in your life.  No one can tell you or give you this book. You have to want it, get it and then read it right away! Otherwise, you are just cluttering your life with more books, info, ideas, etc. AND, if this is something you desire, then you will be open to the ideas of this book. Being OPEN and READY for change is essential!

Now, there are a ton of reviews of this book on-line, but I wanted to share my experience.

The idea of this book is really simple and has totally flipped conventional ideas of tidying up and organizing.  Instead of stressing about what you should get rid of, the focus is on keeping what you love.  I just love the idea of being surrounded by what you love, don’t you?  So, you simply ask yourself this one question for every item in your home, “Does this spark joy in my life?”

It’s a life-changer, I promise. Once you get going, you can’t stop. The decision process can be hard at times, but I think you will instinctively know whether something sparks joy or not. And dare I say that this may trickle into your personal, work and social life as well. Does your job spark joy, does that one family member or sort-of friend spark joy in your life? Will that obligation or thing you said yes to spark joy? This doesn’t always work of course, but it is something to think about.

There are some areas and items which are very hard to make that distinction between not sparking joy, but being very useful, or possibly useful.  For instance, it is obvious that Marie Kondo is not a mother (no kids or husband) and that she is not a DIY-er. If asked, my kids would argue that EVERYTHING in our home sparks joy (although we did send a good portion of toys out of the house).  And my husband and I, with our DIY tendencies, found a lot of things fall into this weird category of not sparking joy, not totally necessary, but possibly very useful for future projects.  A lot of tools, art/craft supplies fall into this category.

Marie Kondo would say to buy it when you need it. But why buy pipe cleaners when you already have them? Pipe cleaners in no way spark joy  in my life, but let me tell how many times my kids have come home and needed them for homework or school project.

What I love:

* Sparking Joy is the driving force behind this concept.  Marie suggest you hold everything in your hand when decided and I believe this to be very important, otherwise you might not know how you feel about it.

* Gratitude. Thanking all the little things for making your life easier/better – your socks, your bag, your favorite tea cup.  Adding another layer of gratitude into your life certainly could’t hurt.

* The gift is in the giving and the receiving – I love this idea.  Sometimes we hold onto things we don’t like because it was a gift.  Sorry, awkward and ugly, super tall glass vase from Uncle X — you’re outta here!

* Fold don’t hang.  This alone has made my dresser and closet so beautifully organized.  I know where every single item of clothing I own is. No more seasonal containers of clothing under the bed or in the closet. I had 18 pairs of pants in my closet (!!!) and I only wear the same 6 over and over. The rest were out.  This makes getting ready SO mush easier in the morning.  Coats, jackets and things that don’t fold easily hang nicely in the closet.  everything else is folded. I love it!

* Organize by category not room.  This keeps you from having to go back and forth and having to re-organize. For example, if you decided to tackle the books in one room, you would probably keep finding more books as you go through the rest of your house.  Tackling all the books at once allows you to completely focus on the next category.

What happened/our thought:

* It took us 8 days to go through every room, closet, cupboard, cabinet, drawer and container.  NOTHING was left unturned.   Kondo stresses that you start one category and finish it in one fell swoop.  You can space the other categories out over time as you need.

* We filled an entire dumpster with trash, 4 large recycle bins with just paper stuff and got rid of several large pieces of furniture that were junk pile collectors.  Plus, we had a large yard sale and made almost $500 off our junk! The items left over (2 carloads) went to a local thrift shop.

* We went mostly by category, except for my art studio and my husband’s library/office.  Since we both work from home and keep our work in its own room, it made sense to us to keep these rooms separate and it worked.

* We learned that clothes don’t always spark joy for men the same way they do for women and sometimes you keep clothing you don’t like so you can paint and work in them.

5 months later:

Our home felt a lot more roomy and airy after the big clean out. Even our friends noticed. Surprisingly, we’ve been able to keep it that way.  Now, when I shop, I am much more discerning about what comes home.  If we buy a replacement item, we immediately get rid of the old item instead of stashing it somewhere, just in case. And when I buy new clothing, I go through my closet and try to get rid of the same number of clothing that no longer sparks joy.

In all honesty, there were a few ideas in the book that didn’t stick )like cleaning out your purse everyday – not gonna happen), but most ideas did stick and work for us. It is definitely a process, but well worth it.  The mind shift that happens is truly life changing .


In the spirit of tidying up, I would like to give one lucky person my copy of this book.  The winner must promise to read it right away (so that it doesn’t add to the clutter of your home) and then pass it on to someone else who would like to read it.

Leave a comment if you are up to the challenge.


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Video + E-course Giveaway

As part of my week long 10 year blogiversary celebration, I wanted to share this video with you today.  It is the very last video in  my Birds, Blooms & Butterflies E-course. I cut out the part where I talk and sped it up a bit so that you could watch me paint.  I wanted to share it with you today because I would also love to giveaway some e-courses today. Yay!

blank1 smAOGlogoexpbuttn200BBBecourse

I currently have three e-courses available.  Art of Giving, Expressions and BBB.  FIVE lucky individuals will each get to pick one e-course of their own choosing. Click on the links to learn more about each course.


Just leave a comment below telling me which e-course you would like most.  If you have taken all of my e-courses already (thank you so much!), then you can nominate a friend.  Winners will be announce on Saturday SUNDAY.


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Creative Kismet turns 10!

Creative Kismet Celebrates 10 years

Creative Kismet turns 10 years old this week! Isn’t that crazy!!  I never thought, ten years ago, that blogging would become such a big part of my life. It has become a sort of life journal for me, capturing so many wonderful memories of my life as a mother, crafter and artist.

Even more, it opened a whole new creative world for me. I was creative as a child, but during college and the early years of my nursing career that part of me had become dormant. Blogging awoken that spark in me with so much passion and excitement and it has been burning bright and strong for the last ten years.  What started out as a hobby, has now become my way of life.


To celebrate, I have a big week planned with little gifts and giveaways.  Today’s gift is a free coloring page download. Just click on the image to download, print and color.  If you color it in, please share it with me. I would LOVE to see it.

Thank you always and forever for being a part of my creative journey.  Your support and kindness over the years means the world to me.

xoxox, Regina

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Afternoon Tea painting

Art by Regina Lord
Afternoon Tea
11 x 14 Acrylic on Hardboard Panel
(c)Regina Lord

This is the final piece in this series that I have been sharing with you over the last few weeks and I think it is my favorite. This one, along with the 11 others, will be a part of my 2016 calendar.  It is off at the printers and will be for sale very soon! I can’t wait to get them in my mitts!

I had also done a bunch of portrait paintings that I wanted make into a calendar but couldn’t find a printer that did the format I needed at a decent price.  I am thinking about printing them myself, as a very small limited set, because printing them myself is a WHOLE lotta work. Still thinking it through.

p.s. See winners of the heArt journal coloring book HERE.

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Sunflower Bird and Moon Owl

Art by Regina Lord
Sunflower Bird
11 x 14 Acrylic on Hardboard Panel
(c) Regina Lord

Two more to add to my Bird, Blooms and Butterflies theme that I’ve got going.  Only one more left to share.

Art by Regina Lord
Moon Owl
11 x 14 Acrylic on Hardboard Panel
(c) Regina Lord
$250  Sold! Thank you!!

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Blackbird Art

Art by Regina Lord
Love Birds
11 x 14 Acrylic on hardboard panel
(c) Regina Lord

“Among twenty snowy mountains, the only moving thing was the eye of the blackbird.” Wallace Stevens

Art by Regina Lord
Peace Tree
11 x 14 Acrylic on hardboard panel
(c) Regina Lord

I am sorta in love with blackbirds, ravens, crows, grackles, I love them all. I find them so fascinating, mysterious and magical. I have plans for more blackbird paintings in the very near future.

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heArt journal coloring book – GIVEAWAY!


I was just published in heART Journal Magazine’s first Colobook Issue! 25 different Artists have collaborated to make 40 Colorbook pages for you! Here is a little peek at the page I submitted.


To celebrate, I have three issues to giveaway. Please follow the instructions below to enter.

heART Journal Magazine is offering the colorbook for only  $2.99! That is 50% off the regular price of 5.99!  And if you buy now and win one of the issues you will have your choice of sharing with a friend or choosing another one of heART Journal Magazine’s many back issues. So don’t wait to purchase, this sale ends Oct 15.

This Colorbook issue is available on iTunes, Google Play or heART Journal Magazine’s cart for a pdf version 

For help with accessing the Colorbook please email   This Sale  is good until Oct 15th 2015.

Comments are closed – Thank you!!


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Happy Bird Art

Art by Regina Lord
Water Lilies
11 x 14 acrylic on hardboard panel
(c) Regina Lord

More happy birds and more on the way over the next week.

Art by Regina Lord
Robin’s Nest
11 x 14 acrylic on hardboard panel ~ sold
(c) Regina Lord

I really love painting birds and flowers, can you tell? I’ve been really inspired by the cooler morning weather. It has still been really hot during the day, but the mornings are glorious. I take Freya every morning and we’ve been enjoying the abundance of bird action in our neighborhood.

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painting with sunset colors

Art by Regina Lord
Hummingbird and Desert Blooms
8 x 10 acrylic on birch panel framed in floater frame
(c) Regina Lord

Art by Regina Lord
Autumn Day
11 x 14 acrylic on hardwood panel
(c) Regina Lord
Sold~thank you!!

I am loving these sunset colors of pinks, oranges and purples.   I tend to grab the blue and turquoise a lot when I paint, but lately I’ve been grabbing the purple.  This is a good thing, since I go through three times more blue ink on my printer when making prints & such.  Maybe I can balance it out a bit with some new color schemes.

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