on self portraits and being brave

A Quiet Place, art by Regina Lord
A Quiet Place
10″ x 10″ Mixed-media on wood panel

People often ask me if I paint myself.  The first time I was asked this, the first several times actually, I was stunned that anyone would suggest such an absurdity. Me? No! It’s not me.  “Can’t you tell?!?!”, I would think to myself. I felt naked and exposed with the thought of painting myself on a big canvas. Yikes! No, no way, never!

Listen, art by Regina Lord
28″ x 22″ Acrylic on canvas

I remember asking Misty Mawn this once. She did the same thing I did. Her face looked alarmed and confused as she shook her head no. Others chimed in that they thought that she did too. ”No”, she said. She didn’t see herself in her painting the way we did. But her paintings were her, they are her still and mine are me too.

All artists paint themselves, of course.  It’s inevitable. We are often working alone with our thoughts, surrounded by our things, being still with our feelings and ideas, listening to our own thoughts hour upon hour. Add in the fact that our kids and family often look like us too, walking mirrors of ourselves. Mix this up with close friends and encounters with acquaintances and strangers and you get a interesting concoction of the artist themself and their view of the world.  Exposed, whether we like it or not. Our story in paint on canvas.

Monrch, art by Regina Lord
11″ x 14″ Acrylic on canvas

People don’t ask this about all of my paintings, but many of them. I don’t internally freak out at the idea any more. Well admittedly, it’s still a little uncomfortable. But now I know there is a bit of me in all of my painting.  There has to be. But, they still want to know who? Who is it that I am painting anyway?

It’s me. My story. My need for quiet and alone time. My desire to spread my wings and be fearless and brave.  My face shape, my eye shape, my lips, my heart and my soul. And the women I know and don’t know.  Women who are strong and determined, brave and careful, contemplative and quiet, generous and kind, broken and healed. Women who are the same as me.

Fearless, art by Regina Lord
18″ x 18″ Acrylic and Ink on Canvas

Thank you everyone, for all of the support and encouraging words so far on the work I have done for my show. I am humbled by your kindness and I thank you a million times over.

I have more 4×4 paintings and diptychs to share, but they haven’t been photographed yet.  So another day for those.

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in the garden

Early Morning, art by Regina Lord

This painting is 12 x 36 inches, acrylic on canvas. There is a bit of artists crayon in there too.

Early Morning, art by Regina Lord

And close-ups.

Early Morning, art by Regina Lord

It’s called Early Morning, because that’s when activity outside is at it’s peak, with all of the birds and butterflies taking advantage of the morning coolness, before the heat comes down on us. That’s how it is in Tucson, anyway.

Hers, art by Regina Lord

Hers, acrylic and colored pencil on 12 x 12 canvas.

Since my show was at the Botanical Gardens, you can see a strong garden/nature theme among all of my paintings. I am very much influenced by nature, with it’s bright colors, shapes and beauty anyway, so it seemed like a natural fit.

More to come still!

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midnight before sunday morning

midnight, art by Regina Lord
16 x 20 acrylic on canvas

Sunday Morning, art by Regina Lord
Sunday Morning
18 x 24 acrylic on canvas

I had such a wonderful weekend catching up on family time, sleep and a little self love. It was lovely.

Will be sharing more here soon!

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Regina Lord Art Show at the Tucson Botanical Garden Porter Hall Gallery

What a crazy and exciting week!

Regina Lord Art Show at the Tucson Botanical Garden Porter Hall Gallery

My art show reception was last night and it was a wonderful event.

Regina Lord Art Show at the Tucson Botanical Garden Porter Hall Gallery

I took these pictures before the show started, sat my camera down once people started coming, and never picked it up again. Didn’t even think to ask someone to take photos for me during the event. I’ll have to remember to do that next time.  ;p

Regina Lord Art Show at the Tucson Botanical Garden Porter Hall Gallery

My art will be up until June 28th, so if you are in town, stop by the gallery anytime and take a look inside.  It does not cost to look in the gallery and gift shop, but there is a fee for the gardens.

Regina Lord Art Show at the Tucson Botanical Garden Porter Hall Gallery

Regina Lord Art Show at the Tucson Botanical Garden Porter Hall Gallery

I am more exhausted than I can even say. Exhausted, happy and thankful.

I’m hoping to sleep in tomorrow, spend the day relaxing, do a little yoga and movie watching. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?!

Regina Lord Art Show at the Tucson Botanical Garden Porter Hall Gallery

Then I will get busy and show you some better pics of my new art and other fun stuff.

Have a great weekend!!

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getting ready

Porter Gallery

My art is up for my very first solo art show.  Probably one of the more stressful things I have ever done. I thought I would be relieved once the paintings were done and hung in the gallery, but there is still so much to do to get ready for the reception. The fun ain’t over yet!!

I have been posting a few progress shots on instagram and facebook.  Thought I’d share a few of them over here with you if you haven’t been able to follow along. I will be sharing the completed paintings once I get a chance.

Tomorrow, dress shopping. Yay, I love clothes shopping…..NOT!!!

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girl with wings - art by Regina Lord

24 x 36 mixed media on canvas

“I can see it. This one moment when you know you’re not a sad story. You are alive, and you stand up and see the lights on the buildings and everything that makes you wonder. And you’re listening to that song and that drive with the people you love most in this world. And in this moment I swear, we are infinite.”
~ Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

This girl with wings, she has been taunting me in my dreams.  See how she stands tall, confident with wide expanding wings, beckoning you to fly with her.

girl with wings - art by Regina Lord

She is kind and wise with a gentle heart. She is you.

girl with wings - art by Regina Lord

She is saying: You are beautiful, strong and brave. You are everything you thought you weren’t and so much more. You go beyond the depths of shallow definitions.

girl with wings - art by Regina Lord

You are limitless. You are whole. You are free. You are everything.

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emerging - art by Regina Lord

e·merge (verb)
1. move out of or away from something and come into view.
2. become apparent, important, or prominent.
3. (of facts or circumstances) become known.

Emerging - art by Regina Lord

12×12 mixed media on wood panel

“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.”  ~William Shakespeare

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Some of my favorite instagram shots from the last several weeks.

1. big mesquite tree 2. chicken photo-bomb 3. green juice ingredients 4. desert plants 5. lights at La Cocina 6. purple flowers 7. full moon 8. Freya play 9. family play 10. feeling thankful 11. bowl of beach goodies 12. afternoon tea 13. gerbera daisy  14.Freya 15. coffee time 16. blue skies and cactus

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the tree keeper

the tree keeper, painting by Regina Lord

mixed media, acrylic on  16×20 canvas

I have been painting like a mad woman prepping for my solo art gallery showing at the Tucson Botanical Garden (in 2 weeks– 15 days to be exact!!). They have the sweetest little art gallery and I have been dreaming of having a show there for as long as I’ve lived here in Tucson. I dream come true! Now if I can only keep my inner demons at bay. :)

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TBT: jungle room from 2003

kid's jungle room

In the spirit of #tbt (throw back Thursday) I thought I’d post these old pics I stumbled across today.

kid's jungle room

They are from 2003, when we lived in Dallas. I had painted my oldest’s room with a jungle theme. He was only 2 at the time and was really into making animal sounds. He did the most awesome jaguar growl.

kid's jungle room

I had completely forgotten that I went completely crazy painting his room! I had even made the magnet and chalk boards out of plywood and decorative molding. I must have had a lot more energy back then!

kid's jungle room

This was pre-blogging days, so they were never shown on my blog and I thought, why not share them now.

kid's jungle room

It reminds me of a time when it was fun to do cutesy stuff for the kids. Before they turned into grumpy pre-teeners. Now their room smells and looks like a boys locker room. Gross! I’m not even allowed to hang anything on the walls without asking first, which is just no fun at all!!

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