fine line paint pen (demo)

art journal cover by Regina Lord

I found this cool little paint pen tool (through Dana- thank you very much!!) and have been having so much fun with it.

It looks like this:

loew cornell paint pen

Cool, eh?

art journal page by Regina Lord

I made a little demo of me using this awesome pen.

Writing and drawing with a Fine Line Painting Pen from Regina Lord on Vimeo.

Once I was done with my video, I played a bit more with my pen using the white ink and adding a flowery vine all around.

art journal page by Regina Lord


*use thin fluid acrylic paints or acrylic ink when using on an acrylic background.
*regular paint can be thinned with water or a thinning medium.
*works well on plain paper with regular ink or acrylic paints and inks
*use a wet towel (wipe or stay-wet palette) to help flow/unclog during painting process.
*clean immediately after use. Don’t allow paint to dry within the nub.
*clean with water in a cup or running faucet. Deep clean with alcohol wipe and cleaning needle tool.

Anyone else played with this tool? Please share your tips, experience. Would love to hear.

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A Wee Bit Warped Zine Giveaway (closed)

A wee bit warped Zine

The best mail for us creatives, looks a lot like this awesome zine. Colorful, bright, inspiring and so so happy. Who wouldn’t want all that to arrive in their mailbox?

A wee bit warped Zine

Shelly Massey (a wee bit warped) is a dear friend of mine, and I may be a bit biased, but I am so smitten over her illustrations and hand lettering. It all makes my heart smile and I am sure it will make yours smile too.

A wee bit warped Zine

Inside you can find quotes, thoughts, places to doodle, journal, makes lists and so much more.  This issue above is the Believe Issue, and there are many more issues to come. I hope you will hop on over to check out what’s next up on the roster.

Shelly has very generously offered a zine to one lucky Creative Kismet reader. Please leave a comment and I will pick a winner on Monday.


the winner is: ROC(she has been notified)


Thank you everyone for joining in!

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making yummies

whole wheat bagels

Bagels for my boys. We can’t seem to find any good whole wheat bagels in town, so it has come to this. Making homemade bagels.  With all the kneading involved, I’m get really buff triceps. :p

raw oatmeal walnut cookies

I’ve also been making these amazing raw cookies. I got the recipe from Raw and Simple cookbook by Judita Wignal, but you can see the video on how to make these here. I didn’t have any raisins, so I added chocolate chips instead, and I added a tbsp of raw cocoa powder. It’s almost like eating cookie dough.  My guys LOVED them.

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Girl with blue flowers – new painting

girl with blue flowers - art by Regina LordGetting back into the groove with a new painting. This ones is on heavy weight watercolor paper.  I love the brightness of it with the bright yellow and blue and a touch of pink.

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Bloom True

art is a way by Regina Lord

I’ve been recovering from a house full of sick kids, a sore back and just not really feeling any major inspiration to do anything but read (not to mention all the school meetings and projects, time lines, ancestry, etc). The first month of school is always so hectic, but I think we are settling back into our little routines and rhythm and everyone is finally healthy again.

bloom true boot camp

I was happy to see the inspiring little prompts over on Flora Bowley’s blog.  Bloom True Boot Camp is what it’s called, if you haven’t seen it yet. I thought it a nice guiding light for the week to get me through.

bloom true boot camp

I love the reminders to move, play, enjoy the quiet. Just what I needed to re-fuel. By the end of the week, I had picked up my paintbrush and was painting again.  I’ll be sharing some new stuff very soon.

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Journal cover

journal cover  by Regina Lord

After I filled all the paged of this journal, I was about to stick it up on my shelf with all of my other journals, but hesitated. This black cover needs painting! So, I put it back on my table and got to work.

journal cover  by Regina Lord

I love, love, love it!  I wanted the girl to blend and fade into the background and wasn’t quite sure how I was going to make that work, but it did. I hope I can remember exactly what that was!

journal cover  by Regina Lord

The cover has all the things I love most.  Bright colors, texture, inspiring words and a portrait of a girl with big soulful eyes.

art journal by Regina Lord

One thing I regret about this journal is not dating each page I did.  I blogged about almost everything in it, so I could probably figure it out if I really wanted to, but the very first page I did was in September of ’09.  That’s almost 5 years ago!! I didn’t go in order either. I just opened randomly to a page and started painting.

One cool thing is that you can really see how much my style has changed and developed over the last 5 years, it’s just not in order from start to finish. Also, this moleskine was the first one that I ever bought for painting in and it’s been a wonderful journey going through all the pages.

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last journal pages

I finished up the very last pages of my moleskine art journal.

It was funny because when I finished and did a little happy dance. Then I thought, wait!! Have to to do something about that black cover.  So, that is what I worked on today.

Will share it tomorrow. :)

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journal pages revisited

art journal moon page by Regina Lord

the moon

These three pages were started ages ago, and I just lost interest in them. Since I only have one page left in my journal to finish, I thought I’d better finish these too.

art journal page by Regina Lord

bird in flight

art journal page by Regina Lord

the light

Have a happy weekend!

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journal page – profile

art journal page by Regina Lord

art journal page by Regina Lord

Sketch to paint.

Inspired by this photograph that I found on pinterest.

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journal page – Morgana

art journal page by Regina Lord

We’ve been watching Merlin on Netflix.  We love that show!! We started watching it over the summer break, and have just started the 5th season.

I just had to paint Morgana le Fay, with her black hair, blue eyes and velvety purple dress.

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