Freshly Painted Blossoms

Freshly Painted Blossoms - Blooming, Art by Regina Lord
12 x 12 Acrylic on Canvas
Currently on display at Tohono Chul Gallery

Two more paintings from my Tohono Chul show.  Big, fat, happy blooms.

 Freshly Cut - Art by Regina Lord
Freshly Cut
11 x 14 Acrylic on Canvas

The weather has been quite warm around here (a little too early if you ask me) and the flowers have been starting to bloom everywhere.  We got quite a bit of rain last season, so I hoping for extra blooms this spring.  There is nothing like flowers to brighten up the desert landscape!

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Colorful Desert Blooms at Tohono Chul

Art by Regina Lord

I had a wonderful time at the artist reception for the Tohono Chul show, “In Full Bloom”.  It is such a beautiful venue and they do such a fantastic job of hanging the art and making everything look so lovely.

Five pieces sold the first night, which was very exciting! It is kinds fun to see my colorful desert blooms hanging in the gallery all grouped together. The show will be open for viewing until April 24th.

Over the next week, I wanted to try to post the paintings that were in the show. Posting them on my blog helps me to chronologically keep track of what I’ve done. Seven of the paintings in the show were painted at the end of last year (most of which I have already shared in past posts) and 9 were painted this month.

  Elf Owl, Art by Regina Lord
“Elf Owl”

This cute little guy was painted last November and I can’t believe I never shared him.  He is one of my most favorite owl paintings that I’ve done.

Succulent - Art by Regina Lord

This little succulent painting, and the next one below, are newer.

Cactus Bloom, Art by Regina Lord
“Cactus Bloom”

I am thinking I might revisit these little cactus blooms and succulents on bigger canvases.

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Artist Reception Tonight at Tohono Chul

E-vite IN FULL BLOOM2. jpeg 1

If you are local, hope to see you there!

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Chalkola – Chalk Board Markers w/ discount code

Chalk Board Art - ChalkOla Markers - Art by Regina Lord

The very kind folks from ChalkOla sent me these free chalk board markers to try out and review. I have two doors in my home painted with black chalk board paint, so of course I jumped at the chance to check these markers out. The image above is on my kitchen pantry door.

ChalkOla chalk markers, window markers, chalk pens, neon colors

First, I love the neon colors! Second, the two different style markers make writing and drawing super fun.  They come in 6mm and 15mm. The 15mm markers are my favorite because you can make both bold and thin lines and fill in larger areas quickly.  I used the 15mm markers, almost entirely on the Tea drawing above – using the smaller markers to add highlights and small details lines.

Here is my other door, decorated with lovely words by the Beatles for Valentine’s day.

Chalk board art by Regina Lord. Words from The Beatles. Made with ChalkOla Chalk Markers

A few things to know about these markers:

1) The Markers are used on Non Porous Surface only (So its best to test a small area). They work great on windows, chalkboards, whiteboards, glass, labels, etc.

2) Chalk markers, as a medium, have high density Chalk Ink. New markers take 2 to 3 mins prep time – Once used the ink flows smoothly.

3) They are perfect for kids, parents, teachers, crafters and artists.

4) Wipes off easily with wet cloth (don’t forget to test your surface first!).

ChalkOla - Chalk markers and labels

I also got to try out the chalk board labels, which are removable self-adhesive.  I made labels for my jars of nuts. Now they look so nicely organized in my pantry.

ChalkOla Chalk Board labels

Please enjoy 20% off the 15mm markers:

15mm Markers– [Link] 20% Off on Amazon – Use Code -> CHK20OFF

6mm Pens – [Link]

Amazon UK Link – [Link] 20% Off on Amazon – Use Code -> CHALK20A


***Although these items were free for review, the Amazon links are not affiliate links.

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Tucson Gem & Mineral Show

Tucson Gem & Mineral Show

The gem and mineral show was in town for the last 3 weeks and we finally went. It has been 10 years since the last time I went, and this time around was so much more fun.

The gem show, one of the biggest (or THE biggest) in the world, can be so overwhelming. There are 45 venues all over town, some require a retail/business license and others are open to the public.  Some tents sell beads, some have rough gem stones & crystals, some have fossils, others sell fine jewelry and some have a little of everything.  Once you know what you are looking for, you can narrow it down and make it much more manageable.

Gemstones and minerals

I wanted some beads and some crystals & gem stones. I found my fair share of both.  It really helped that my hubby got into navigating me to the right spots and helping me find what I was looking for. It was like a grand hunt.  We went for two days, telling my boys about how much fun we had, they wanted to go too–so we went on the last day of the show for another gem show adventure.  It was fun to see my guys get all into it and pick a few stones they liked. They even want to save up some money and go again next year.

bead stash

I left with a hearty stash of beads and gem stones. I have some necklaces and bracelets I want to make for myself. And the gemstones are for my beloved collection. I love keeping them in my studio and all over the house.

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Happy Heart Day!

Art by Regina Lord
Heart in Hand
5×7 on cradled wood panel

Happy Heart Day!

Heart in Hand from Regina Lord on Vimeo.

Just a fun, super quick painting video – 2 minutes long – in reality took me about 2 hours. :)

Art by Regina Lord
Big Love
9×12 on cradled wood panel

And a fun, messy big heart, with two little baby hearts. Super fun to make something like this after concentrating on flowers for the last couple of weeks.

Hope you have a happy, love filled day!

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Art by Regina Lord

I was asked to be the featured artist for an upcoming show at a local art gallery at Tohono Chul Park.  The title of the show is “In Full Bloom”. Oh, how very perfect!

So, I have been painting, like crazy, for the last two weeks to get these painting done. The instagram pictures above, are partial or progress pics — they are little snippets of what will be in the show.

For the first time since October of last year, I have no pressing deadlines for the next two weeks!  I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself, but I will probably do some more painting. :)

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Be the Weirdo!

art by Regina Lord

Be the weirdo! I just love that word, weirdo!

 Just finished listening to Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and I have to say that I loved it quite a whole lot. Like, a lot a lot.

I’ve always believed in the whole idea that inspiration comes most when you are hard at work. When you look for it and keep your senses open to it. That you have to paint, draw, doodle, write everyday so that it knows you need it and want it. That it comes and goes, but will come back and that you have to act on it to keep it.

And you have to be curious. Always curious.

art by Regina Lord

Now, I can call it inspiration, and not procrastination, that suddenly sends me on a detour when checking off a big list of things to do. And thank inspiration for allowing me to grab it when I least expect.

Oh, and may I also blame the kid’s science projects from keeping me from my list.  Ugh!!

Here’s to letting big magic happen and to being a weirdo!

Weirdos Unite!

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Starry Night ~ playing with watercolors

Art by Regina Lord

I have a huge list of very pressing things to do, so of course, that is the perfect time to have an incredibly wild urge to paint a night sky with watercolors.

I just had to.

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DIY Creamy Body Butter

DIY body butter by Creative Kismet

Man alive, it is dry here in southern Arizona.  My poor little guys suffer from dry patches on their skin and this is the go to lotion of choice. I’ve been making this for a while. Sometimes I whip it into a luscious, creamy butter and sometimes I leave it as a salve. I had to share it this time around because it was looking quite lovely in this cute little 8oz mason jar.

DIY body butter

It is pretty easy-peasy to make if you have all the ingredients. Equal parts butters and oils, a little squirt of vitamin E oil is a nice addition too, if you like. You can try adding essential oils, but if you decide to use cocoa butter, it will smell strongly of chocolate, which I find to be quite fantastic.  It’ll be hard to cover the cocoa scent. In fact, I added lavender to this batch and I can’t really smell it.

I usually use calendula oil, but I didn’t have any calendula flowers on hand to make an infusion. It is especially good for eczema, but the body butter is still very soothing without it.

1/4 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup almond, calendula or olive oil
1/4 cup cocoa butter or (2 tbsp beeswax pastilles)
1/4 cup shea butter
1 tsp Vitamin E oil
Essential oils of choice (optional)

Melt and mix everything together in a double boiler. After, allow to cool in the frig until firm, but not solid. This took about 90 minutes for me.  Then whip up with a hand blender until creamy — like the consistency of butter cream frosting. Or you can pour the melted mixture into jars, without whipping, and call it a day.

I LOVE this for the winter when it is dry and cold out. I’m so happy I finally made some this season, we were in dire need of it.

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