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cat art ornaments by Regina Lord

34 ornaments in the works.

Owl Art Ornaments by Regina Lord

Cats, birds, owls, angels and Fridas.

Bird Art Ornaments by Regina Lord

They still need glaze and wire for hanging.

Frida Art Ornaments by Regina Lord

Then, they will be going to the Tucson Museum of Art show this weekend.

Angel Art Ornaments by Regina Lord

Still so much to do!!

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Little Art

Little Blue Hummingbird - Art by Regina Lord
Little Blue Hummingbird
Acrylic on 5×5 wood canvas (sold)

I always like to do little painting for my art shows. They are really fun to do, and are an affordable way to gift some of my art.

Happy Hummingbird - art by Regina Lord
Happy Hummingbird
Acrylic on 5×5 wood canvas (sold)

The top two will be added to my art block designs, but I will be adding happy little messages to go with the sweet birds.

cactus art by Regina Lord

Top: Agave Sun (sold)
Bottom: Pink Cactus Bloom (sold) and Purple Cactus Bloom (sold)
Acrylic on 5×5 canvas

Little birds, owls and flowers are especially fun for me to paint! There were a lot of requests for more owls and hummingbird paintings. I hope I have time to get a few done.


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Art show no. 3

Chris Bubany Holiday Market

I had a great time at the art show this last weekend thanks to all of the awesome people who came out to shop. I got to see a lot of my repeat customers and meet lots of new ones too. So much fun to chat with everyone and hang out with the other vendors too.

Creative Kismet Art Ornaments

I was only able to get a few quick phone camera shots of my new ornaments before they were snatched up.

Creative Kismet Art Ornaments

The little owls and birdies all flew away to new homes and I have a few angel ornaments left. I will be making more this week!

Creative Kismet Blessing Banners

And the banners were a huge hit. I took 5 sets of each design the first day and sold out, so I made more that night and sold out again. I am getting more professionally printed for my next two shows. It is extremely time consuming to print, cut and string them up — although I would rather be able to print them myself as I need them, I am just too pressed for time (and so so exhausted!).

I’ve got another show in 10 days so I  better get to bed now before my head hits the keyboard again! Night, night…

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New Blessing Banner Designs!

Yoga Inspired Art by Regina Lord

I have been wanting to make new blessing banner designs all year, but haven’t felt inspired to do it until this week. In fact I felt double the inspiration this week and made two new sets!

Nature Inspired Blessing Banner by Regina Lord

As you can see, I went from one extreme to the other.  One is very detailed and intricate, the other a bit more simple.  I had to push the second set away — it doesn’t take much for me to go totally overboard. :p

I have yet to print them out and string them up and I have yet to decide if they will also be prints and cards.  I am sorta weird about my banners. I want them to be special and kept together-  so still working it out…

I have another art show this weekend, so these will not be in my shop until Monday or Tuesday.

Now, off to make more ornaments!!!

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Golden Buddha

Golden Buddha Painting by Regina Lord

Acrylic on 12 x 12 Canvas

In the midst of all my art shows, I’ve been trying to keep up with Flora Bowley’s Bloom True e-course.

I actually won a spot and was SO overjoyed, then I felt guilty and then stressed because I’m in my busiest season. Mostly I feel incredibly blessed and excited to be able to take a look into Flora’s process.  The class is not just about painting, she talks a lot about letting go, being free, listening to your intuition, being brave. It is a beautiful class.

I don’t have any desire to start painting Flora-style abstracts, I am just hoping to let loose a little and become more free in my process. Sometimes my art can be very detailed, organized and intentional, which I love, but it can be a little work intensive sometimes.  Overall, I will keep the true essence of me, with a dash of Flora thrown in every once in a while.

process pics Here are some process pictures of all the layers that went into the above Buddha painting. You only see little glimpses of these layers in the final piece which is all a part of letting go and being free with the paint.  I love that there is so much paint involved. It gives a great feeling of depth to the painting AND when you hold the painting up to light you can’t see through to the canvas, which is a little pet peeve of mine. ;p

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Day of the Dead 2014

Day of the Dead Skull Brooch

I think the week of Halloween and Day of the Dead is probably my favorite week of the entire year. I kid you not!!

Day of the Dead Skull Flower Brooch

I love skulls, honoring loved ones, dressing up, wearing big flowers, marigolds, the color orange, candles, the celebration of it all… EVERYTHING!!! I love it all.

Remembrance Luminarias

I made these Remembrance Luminarias to honor our great-great grandparents.

Remembrance Luminarias

I printed black and white photos onto plain white paper and cut them into strips so that they fit in these little juice glasses, with a bit of tape to secure them in place. Then I added LED tea lights inside.

Remembrance Luminarias

They are so lovely when lit up at night. It would be nice to have varying sizes of glass cups too.

Marigolds with skull planter sticks

I bought these lovely marigolds, the flower of death. The scent of the marigold is said to bring spirits back to earth for the yearly Dia de los Muertos reunion.

skull planter sticks

Some white card stock, a few bamboo skewers and a good marker is all you need for these.

Marigolds and day of the dead skull planter sticks  Quick and easy, and they look great with the orange marigolds.

Happy Dia de los Muertos!!!

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Halloween 2014

Check out my guys! An Elf King (aka Vaarsuvius from Order of the Stick–don’t ask because I haven’t a clue) and the sweetest and bravest little royal knight in the kingdom. Last minute handmade costumes, of course.  I think kids with handmade costume should get extra candy to share with their mothers. Extra Almond Joys please!!

Halloween 2014

I thought for sure my oldest would abandon us this year, but he insisted on hanging with us despite the multiple invites to other more exciting events.  I don’t know…teen boys are strange and mysterious.

We had a great time romping about the neighborhood and then diving into large quantities of candy.  Thank goodness Halloween only happens once a year!

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Shop Update

creative kismet ornaments

I had a great time at the art fair this weekend.  We had record high temps and it was a little slow because that, but I was in the courtyard of the venue and it was a bit cooler there, and I was with a great group of other artists.

Day of the Dead Original art for sale

Now that art fair no.2 is over, there is only 11 days until the next one!  I am hoping to take it easy tomorrow, then I’ll be getting back to work making more ornaments and more art!

creative kismet art pendant jewelry

In the meantime, I did a little shop update. New art pendant necklaces, a couple of angel ornaments and some Day of the Dead ornament, prints and pendants.

Free US Shipping on Day of the Dead ornaments and necklaces plus discounted prints and originals.  Please stop by and take a look!

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Mexican Loteria – Sublime Stitching Giveaway! (closed)


If you you don’t know what Mexican Loteria is, it is a Mexican game similar to Bingo.

Mexican Loteria - Sublime stitching

This fun iron- on embroidery pattern, by Sublime Stitching, was based off of the cards in the game, which are really fun and colorful.

Sublime Stitching very kindly sent these to me a while back, but very sadly, I never have any time to stitch them up.  So, I would love to offer them up to  of my lucky readers.

Please leave a comment by Sunday night and I will announce a winner on Monday.

Thank you so much!

Kona Lynn Sankey is the winner!!!

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2015 Wall Calendars are ready for Pre-Order

2015 Art Wall Calendar - Art by Regina Lord

I was so excited to finally get the proof for my wall calendar today. And may I just say how beautiful it turned out?  The images are sharp and vibrant, just as I had hoped.

2015 Wall calendarAvailable for pre-order —>>> HERE <<<—

As I mentioned before, it was really hard to pick which images to add. First, I’ve done a lot of painting this year and second, I do mostly portrait style.  So, I did some more painting, some cropping and a bit of digital manipulating to get what I hope to be a nice mix of my favorites and hopefully yours too.

2015 Art Wall Calendar by Regina Lord

So here are the deets: 12 months, measures 11×17 when open, full color yumminess on top with white grid on the bottom, lots of room for writing special dates and events and printed in the US on 100# glossy paper.

2015 Creative Kismet Wall Calendar

Right now it is available for pre-order and will ship on November 12th.

Check them out over —>>> HERE <<<—

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