journal pages – sketching

 journal page - sketch by Regina Lord

Just a wee bit of time to do a little sketching in my journal today.

Pre-painted journal pages with stabilo pencil in white and black.

 journal page - sketch by Regina Lord

I almost want to keep these pages as is, but will probably still paint them. We’ll see.

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journal page – sparkle

journal page by regina lord

journal page by regina lord

I think this one might be my favorite.  As soon as I added that green around her eyes, I knew she was a mermaid and that she absolutely needed sparkles. So, out came the gold and pearl mica medium.

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journal page – Juliette



paint + pencil

art journal page by Regina Lord

I’m calling this one Juliette. Not sure why. She just looks like a Juliette to me.

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journal page – young Frida

art journal page - young frida by Regina Lord

Today I was inspired by a photograph of a young Frida Kahlo.

art journal page - young frida by Regina Lord

art journal page - young frida by Regina Lord

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Journal pages – aged beauty

aged beauty by Regina Lord

I only have 15 double pages or so left in my moleskine art journal. So, I am hoping to finally get this art journal filled with some portrait practice. I have found that I really like turning my journal longwise to do these.

aged beauty art journal pages by Regina Lord

I found a few images on Pinterest to inspire me. I love the silvery hair of the first one and the soulful and wise eyes of this second one.

Just a little over 2 weeks left before my kiddos are back in school. My art journal is the perfect place for small, quick art breaks, while trying to fill these last school-free days with fun memories and happy times with the kids.

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Journal play

We’ve been traveling to visit family, so I thought I’d break out the art journal to get a little happy art time in.

I managed to get a few progress shots. Sometimes it is really hard to do this, because once I get in the flow, I forget about the camera.

I used graphite pencil, acrylic paint and Prismacolor pencils for this page.

Off to start another page!

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Cargo Pocket Bag

pocket purse

Gosh, I wonder how many bags I have sewn myself in the last 10 years.  You’d think after so many bags, I would know exactly what I want in a bag, but I am still figuring it out.

pocket purse

I tried really hard this time, to try and get it right. I don’t want a fussy bag, no flaps and zippers, so I have a feeling that those buttons will get on my nerves, but aren’t they just super cute!

cargo pocket bag

I do, however love pockets on the outside of my bags.  Easy access for keys, phone and sunglasses. I just don’t like making pockets. Yuck!

pocket purse

So, instead of making them, I ripped apart some old cargo shorts that I didn’t like and wallah! Instant pockets! Yay!!

cargo pocket purse

More pockets on the inside too, a simple snap closure and I used an old belt for the strap. I also made it a bit smaller than what I usually make, which means I won’t have room to carry around everyone’s stuff.  Sorry, my bag is too small. He he ;)

So, I guess my bags are slowly evolving and I will eventually figure out the perfect bag for me.

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Owlkat for E


We spent the weekend celebrating a very special birthday.

e's Birthday

What an amazing guy he is. It has been such a wonderful adventure watching him grow. The adventure is definitely not over and I am so grateful to be a part of it all.

owlkat art by Regina Lord

He asked me to paint him an Owlkat for his birthday.  A combination of his two favorite animals. He loves it and we will be hanging it in his room.

Happy Birthday to my very special guy!

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Shrink Plastic Fun

The boys wanted to make things with the shrink plastic, or rather, they wanted ME to draw them things on shrink plastic. So, I did. Monsters and swords, of course. I’m always up for a monster drawing challenge and I’m rather proud of that scary creature.

Such is the life with boys. Long gone are the days of cute and sweet, although they sometimes do surprise me.

shrink plastic butterfly by Regina Lord

So, to get the gruesome monsteriness out of my system, I pulled out a sheet and made a pretty butterfly. Ahhh, now that’s much better!

It is truly insane how much this stuff shrinks up! And it’s a little nerve wracking, especially if you use a heat gun (I hate turning on the oven in the summer). But it gets all crazy and spastically crunches into a ball before it spreads out all nice and flat. Sometimes it doesn’t cooperate and you need to flatten it with a popsicle stick and force it into submission. Stressful when you’ve just spent so much time drawing your pretty little design.

poly shrink shrink plastic art by Regina Lord

I use this artist grade Polyshrink (sample pack). You sand one side (or both if you want to draw on both sides) to rough it up a bit and then I used Prismacolor pencils to draw on my designs.

I Love Prismacolor pencils because they are soft and blend beautifully.  I’ve never used any other kind, so I can’t say if there is anything better, but I am totally faithful to Prismacolor.  I bought my first box of 72 colors when I was 17 years old for $72!! That’s right, one dollar per pencil! I lived in a smallish town with non-existent internet shopping and price comparison.  It took me a few weeks to save up for them.

shrink plastic art jewelry by Regina Lord

Anyway… I thought I would try to make these little plastic pieces into fancy jewelry. I bought some really cool shrink plastic earrings a long time ago and I loved them. They were white circles with simple flowers drawn on with marker. I lost them and might try to recreate them too.

shrink plastic earrings by Regina Lord

These are fancy because I painted the sides with liquid gold leaf and then coated the tops with glass glaze (diamond glaze or ice resin would work too).  I also added beads and now they are all pretty and ready to wear. I love them! BIG, bright and very light.

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trying out Redeemwood

trying out redeemwood

Doug from Redeemwood has been making artist wood substrates out of recycled pallet wood and was giving samples away to try out, so I asked for one, because I really love painting on wood.

trying out redeemwood

He sent me a 5.25 x 6.5 inch sample. Once side has a special coating for pencil and the other for paint.  I normally would have only used the paint side, but I couldn’t resist the urge to do something with charcoal and colored pencil too.  So, I went to work.

trying out redeemwood

I decided to try and create the same image on both sides, but with the different mediums.  Dual personalities or twins? Not sure.

On the pencil side, I used white and black charcoal and various colored pencil, but tried to allow some of the natural wood color to show through.  On the paint side, I used acrylic paints and a black stabilo pencil.

trying out redeemwood

trying out redeemwood

What I love about the substrate is the texture and wonky shape of the wood. It is also recycled which I really love.  The wood was sanded pretty smooth, but there is still enough texture that adds a quality I really like to both the pencil side and paint side. The wood seam across the middle seems solid and put together well, but I wouldn’t want to risk dropping it. And it seems lighter than you would think too. Overall, I would definitely use Redeemwood again. Thank you so much Doug, for letting me try out your great product.

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