Buddha – yoga painting no. 4

Buddha Art by Regina Lord
Mixed media on 16 x 20 canvas.

This painting was inspired by a journal cover I had made for my Art of Giving e-course. I had pulled it out to measure it for a new member and thought it would make a fun and colorful canvas.  I actually did a little more work to this painting after taking the photo. I thought that the flower looked too flat, so I worked on that a bit more. I hope to re-photograph it tomorrow and list it in my shop as a print.

work in progress

This is another painting I started today. I think it will be the last of this yoga series, since I am running out of time and have other events quickly approaching that I need to get ready for.  I am really excited at where this one is going, but there is still a long way to go…

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Stillness – yoga painting no.3

Stillness Yoga art by Regina Lord


Mixed media on 16 x 20 in. canvas.

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Blissful Stretch

Bliss Yoga art - by Regina Lord
Blissful Stretch
Acrylic on 16 x 20 canvas

Another painting for the yoga studio. This one is reverse warrior pose.

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crow pose

crow pose art by Regina Lord
mixed-media on 12 x 12 inch cradled wood panel

I was asked to hang my art at a local yoga studio and have had this idea floating around in my head for a while.  What better time, than the week before hanging, to do several yoga paintings.  I have so many yoga inspired ideas in my head and am hoping to paint a few more before Wednesday (eeeks!).  I actually do some of my best work under crazy time constraints. Procrastination really gets my mind juices flowing and heart pumping.

I have been doing yoga for probably 10+ years, always keeping it pretty easy going and chilled.  Never really challenging myself to do any arm balancing or head/ hand stand type poses.  Last May though, I got it in my head to pick it up a notch and started doing intermediate yoga instead of just beginner classes.  Let me tell you, I really feel a difference  in strength in my core, arms and legs along with better clearness in my mind.  It’s pretty amazing stuff!

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Moon Flowers

Moon Flowers

This is a little painting, 5 x 7 inches on wood panel. I painted it while watching CreativeLive this morning. Have you watched any of the courses yet? Many of the classes are free and super informative. Right now I’m watching ‘Mastering Your People Skills with Vanessa Van Edwards. Thirty days of small, manageable, 1 hour lessons. I have only watched 2 lessons and have learned so much already.

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New Prints Fall Celebration Sale

FallSaleCollage1I finally got around to getting some new prints into my shop!

Sale ends Sunday, Sept. 28th at midnight.

Please stop by to take a look!

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Frida Butterfly

Frida Kahlo Butterfly

Something about fall gets me all inspired to paint Frida. Or rather, she is unconsciously on my mind. Maybe it has something to do with  upcoming Day of the Dead and Hispanic Heritage Month.


The process was actually inspired by yesterday’s prompt from Flora, called embrace mystery. I had no idea that a Frida butterfly was going to emerge from this exercise, but am happy to embrace the mystery of that little surprise!

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Inspiration Ripple

Inspiration Ripple

This was one of the prompts for Flora Bowley’s bloom true boot camp.  I love this prompt because there are a few things I’ve been wanting to share. The idea is to create a ripple of inspiration by sharing what you love and what is inspiring you.

1. The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte and The Best of Rebel Society Vol. I by RebelSociety.com. Both books are incredibly inspiring.

2.  Art by Olaf Hajek and Ana Juan

3. Wood Sculptures by Elizabeth Frank (local to Tucson, AZ)

4.  Manifestation Perfume by The Sage Goddess. (Claritus, Fortuna and Sacra are pretty amazing too.)

5.  Sun Song by Laura Veirs

6.  Quartz points and gemstones.  I am especially drawn to clear quartz, aquamarine, carnelian and chrysacolla.

art price app7. The Art Price App. (Ive been wanting to share this one for a while and am hoping it will be helpful with all of my upcoming holiday market shows).  A really great app to help you with pricing your art.  Of course it can’t be 100% accurate because of all the variances in art, style and market, but it is really fun to play with and can give you a ball park idea. What I love most about this app is that you can mess with the confidence level (go the the cogwheel to change the settings for this).  If you are just starting/new to painting and want to move your art for less $, (or sell your painting for more than calculated) you can change the app to account for that and give you a price you are more comfortable with. Also, you can save your estimates with photos of your art for a quick reference. I love that! The only thing I don’t like is that you have to figure out what style best suits your art- something that is not really a fault of the app, just my own feeling of my art being a mixture of styles or not fitting into the style options given.  You can play with a version of the app HERE.

sun and moon instagram

8. The sun and the moon, always.

 Other things I need to add to my list:


* Wise Craft by Blair Stocker. Truly a feast for the eyes and a happy treat for your crafty heart. It brings me back to the good old days when I did a lot more crafting. There is so many beautiful ideas to inspire you and there is something for everyone and every season. I’ve been taking this to the school with me while waiting for the kids to get out for the last two weeks so that I can slowly savor each page.

* Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain  by Daniel Siegal.  I LOVE this book and I love Daniel Siegal for sharing his wisdom.  I may have to write more about this book later, but I wish all parents and teachers of teenage children would read this book.

* Yoga Today.  <3

* Art supplies:  Baltic Birch panels, sta-wet handy palette, fine line paint pen (see previous post), super heavy gesso, and Blick Studio Portrait colored pencils.

* Random stuff: finding color inspiration, enjoying nature, leaving rock messages around my neighborhood.

 What are you loving and inspired by right now?

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fine line paint pen (demo)

art journal cover by Regina Lord

I found this cool little paint pen tool (through Dana- thank you very much!!) and have been having so much fun with it.

It looks like this:

loew cornell paint pen

Cool, eh?

art journal page by Regina Lord

I made a little demo of me using this awesome pen.

Writing and drawing with a Fine Line Painting Pen from Regina Lord on Vimeo.

Once I was done with my video, I played a bit more with my pen using the white ink and adding a flowery vine all around.

art journal page by Regina Lord


*use thin fluid acrylic paints or acrylic ink when using on an acrylic background.
*regular paint can be thinned with water or a thinning medium.
*works well on plain paper with regular ink or acrylic paints and inks
*use a wet towel (wipe or stay-wet palette) to help flow/unclog during painting process.
*clean immediately after use. Don’t allow paint to dry within the nub.
*clean with water in a cup or running faucet. Deep clean with alcohol wipe and cleaning needle tool.

Anyone else played with this tool? Please share your tips, experience. Would love to hear.

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A Wee Bit Warped Zine Giveaway (closed)

A wee bit warped Zine

The best mail for us creatives, looks a lot like this awesome zine. Colorful, bright, inspiring and so so happy. Who wouldn’t want all that to arrive in their mailbox?

A wee bit warped Zine

Shelly Massey (a wee bit warped) is a dear friend of mine, and I may be a bit biased, but I am so smitten over her illustrations and hand lettering. It all makes my heart smile and I am sure it will make yours smile too.

A wee bit warped Zine

Inside you can find quotes, thoughts, places to doodle, journal, makes lists and so much more.  This issue above is the Believe Issue, and there are many more issues to come. I hope you will hop on over to check out what’s next up on the roster.

Shelly has very generously offered a zine to one lucky Creative Kismet reader. Please leave a comment and I will pick a winner on Monday.


the winner is: ROC(she has been notified)


Thank you everyone for joining in!

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