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We’ve been traveling to visit family, so I thought I’d break out the art journal to get a little happy art time in.

I managed to get a few progress shots. Sometimes it is really hard to do this, because once I get in the flow, I forget about the camera.

I used graphite pencil, acrylic paint and Prismacolor pencils for this page.

Off to start another page!

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Cargo Pocket Bag

pocket purse

Gosh, I wonder how many bags I have sewn myself in the last 10 years.  You’d think after so many bags, I would know exactly what I want in a bag, but I am still figuring it out.

pocket purse

I tried really hard this time, to try and get it right. I don’t want a fussy bag, no flaps and zippers, so I have a feeling that those buttons will get on my nerves, but aren’t they just super cute!

cargo pocket bag

I do, however love pockets on the outside of my bags.  Easy access for keys, phone and sunglasses. I just don’t like making pockets. Yuck!

pocket purse

So, instead of making them, I ripped apart some old cargo shorts that I didn’t like and wallah! Instant pockets! Yay!!

cargo pocket purse

More pockets on the inside too, a simple snap closure and I used an old belt for the strap. I also made it a bit smaller than what I usually make, which means I won’t have room to carry around everyone’s stuff.  Sorry, my bag is too small. He he ;)

So, I guess my bags are slowly evolving and I will eventually figure out the perfect bag for me.

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Owlkat for E


We spent the weekend celebrating a very special birthday.

e's Birthday

What an amazing guy he is. It has been such a wonderful adventure watching him grow. The adventure is definitely not over and I am so grateful to be a part of it all.

owlkat art by Regina Lord

He asked me to paint him an Owlkat for his birthday.  A combination of his two favorite animals. He loves it and we will be hanging it in his room.

Happy Birthday to my very special guy!

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Shrink Plastic Fun

The boys wanted to make things with the shrink plastic, or rather, they wanted ME to draw them things on shrink plastic. So, I did. Monsters and swords, of course. I’m always up for a monster drawing challenge and I’m rather proud of that scary creature.

Such is the life with boys. Long gone are the days of cute and sweet, although they sometimes do surprise me.

shrink plastic butterfly by Regina Lord

So, to get the gruesome monsteriness out of my system, I pulled out a sheet and made a pretty butterfly. Ahhh, now that’s much better!

It is truly insane how much this stuff shrinks up! And it’s a little nerve wracking, especially if you use a heat gun (I hate turning on the oven in the summer). But it gets all crazy and spastically crunches into a ball before it spreads out all nice and flat. Sometimes it doesn’t cooperate and you need to flatten it with a popsicle stick and force it into submission. Stressful when you’ve just spent so much time drawing your pretty little design.

poly shrink shrink plastic art by Regina Lord

I use this artist grade Polyshrink (sample pack). You sand one side (or both if you want to draw on both sides) to rough it up a bit and then I used Prismacolor pencils to draw on my designs.

I Love Prismacolor pencils because they are soft and blend beautifully.  I’ve never used any other kind, so I can’t say if there is anything better, but I am totally faithful to Prismacolor.  I bought my first box of 72 colors when I was 17 years old for $72!! That’s right, one dollar per pencil! I lived in a smallish town with non-existent internet shopping and price comparison.  It took me a few weeks to save up for them.

shrink plastic art jewelry by Regina Lord

Anyway… I thought I would try to make these little plastic pieces into fancy jewelry. I bought some really cool shrink plastic earrings a long time ago and I loved them. They were white circles with simple flowers drawn on with marker. I lost them and might try to recreate them too.

shrink plastic earrings by Regina Lord

These are fancy because I painted the sides with liquid gold leaf and then coated the tops with glass glaze (diamond glaze or ice resin would work too).  I also added beads and now they are all pretty and ready to wear. I love them! BIG, bright and very light.

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trying out Redeemwood

trying out redeemwood

Doug from Redeemwood has been making artist wood substrates out of recycled pallet wood and was giving samples away to try out, so I asked for one, because I really love painting on wood.

trying out redeemwood

He sent me a 5.25 x 6.5 inch sample. Once side has a special coating for pencil and the other for paint.  I normally would have only used the paint side, but I couldn’t resist the urge to do something with charcoal and colored pencil too.  So, I went to work.

trying out redeemwood

I decided to try and create the same image on both sides, but with the different mediums.  Dual personalities or twins? Not sure.

On the pencil side, I used white and black charcoal and various colored pencil, but tried to allow some of the natural wood color to show through.  On the paint side, I used acrylic paints and a black stabilo pencil.

trying out redeemwood

trying out redeemwood

What I love about the substrate is the texture and wonky shape of the wood. It is also recycled which I really love.  The wood was sanded pretty smooth, but there is still enough texture that adds a quality I really like to both the pencil side and paint side. The wood seam across the middle seems solid and put together well, but I wouldn’t want to risk dropping it. And it seems lighter than you would think too. Overall, I would definitely use Redeemwood again. Thank you so much Doug, for letting me try out your great product.

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favorite sprays and serums

favorite sprays and serum

I was mixing up some face serum and bug spray today and thought I’d share some of my favorite sprays and potions. Not all are shown in the picture above.

* For sprays, I use a 2 oz. glass bottle, fill it 3/4 of the way with distilled water, then add essential oils and top with more water if needed.

Face & Body:

* All Natural Face Serum~ I really like this recipe which I use at night to take my makeup off.  In the mornings I use straight up coconut oil as a moisturizer for my face and body.

* My favorite Hand Salve is this one. I gave a lot of my friends and family little jars of it because I love it so much.

* Homemade Mouthwash~ Really great for giving your mouth a fresh tingly feel, but also good for little blisters in the mouth and sore gums.  1/2 cup distilled water, 2 tsp baking soda, 2 drops tea tree oil and 2 drops peppermint. My little guy loves this stuff.


* Get Through the Day Spray (energizing)~ 5 drops peppermint, 5 drops spearmint and 5 drops cinnamon.

* Fresh & Sweet (uplifting)~ 2 oz distilled water, 10 drops vanilla, 5 drops of peppermint, 9 drops lavender.

*Happy Heart Spray ~ 2 oz distilled water, 10 drops vanilla, 5 drops of bergamont and 3 drops of rose essential oils.


* Oopsey Cleaning Spray~ When accidents happen with our pet (puke or pee), this helps with deep cleaning and keeps odors away.  Also great for cleaning crates. 1.5 oz distilled water, .5 oz white vinegar, 5 drops lemon oil, 10 drops tea tree oil

* Pretty Smelling Freya Spray~ After a good brushing, we will spray a little bit of this on her coat and it smells so good!  2 oz distilled water and 5 drops of bergamont.

* Natural Pet Shampoo~ 1/2 cup castile soap, 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, 2 Tbsp coconut oil and 1/2 cup distilled water.  Mix gently before each use.  This keeps Freya’s coat soft and shiny.


* Bug Spray~ This helps keep mosquitoes at bay without the yucky scent of citronella. Fill a jar half way with distilled water and the other half with witch hazel (or just use distilled water). Add in 3 drops each of rosemary, clove and cinnamon with 5 drops lemongrass, lavender and tea tree.  Smells great! Don’t forget to spray mosquito hiding places, like under tables and in dark corners.

* No. 2 Spray for the bathroom~ Who doesn’t love a pretty smelling bathroom, especially when you live with 3 guys!  Read more about this one -> HERE <-

* My favorite Yoga Mat Spray can be found -> HERE <-

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colorful felted rocks

colorful felted rocks by Regina Lord

I’ve been wanting to make felted rocks for ages, but never had the supplies or know-how.  With a bit of felt roving at my fingertips, we decided to jump in and finally make some.

colorful felted rocks by Regina Lord

I found THIS wonderful tutorial by LilFishStudios and we got started.

colorful felted rocks by Regina Lord

Here are our cute little felt rock bundles.  My I-guy picked ALL of the colors himself. He wanted almost all of them to be “swirly” looking.

colorful felted rocks by Regina Lord

the wet felting is the funnest part. At first the wool feels really loose and squishy.

colorful felted rocks by Regina Lord

Just when you think it will never get tight around the rock, it magically does.

colorful felted rocks by Regina Lord

We had so much fun that we made 13 rocks. We had only planed to make 6 at first, but quickly realized that we needed to make a rainbow of rocks.

colorful felted rocks by Regina Lord

My I-guy had to give them all names so I could make this “chart”. We do this with our gemstones whenever we go to the rock shop so that we won’t forget their names.

colorful felted rocks by Regina Lord

I love this little wood bowl of rocks. Next, I want to try to crocheting rocks, like these crochet covered sea stones. It’s on this list along with a million other things!

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Adventures in Bisbee, Arizona

Adventures in Bisbee, Arizona by Regina Lord

We went on a little adventure on the 4th of July to Bisbee, AZ.  I’ve posted about Bisbee before, here, here and here.  It’s a favorite place of ours. It’s just under a 2 hour drive and it is 20 degrees cooler, which is reason enough for me. It’s also quirky, artsy, colorful and just all around cool place to hang out.

Adventures in Bisbee, Arizona by Regina Lord

First we went to the coaster races down main street. An exciting beginning for the boys.

Adventures in Bisbee, Arizona by Regina Lord

We had already done main street with all it’s shops and galleries, so this time we decided to freestyle our own stair climbing, hiking, photographing adventure. There are tons of stairways that course through the hillsides and neighborhoods of Bisbee. The pathways once served as mule tracks for Bisbee’s copper mining past and then were converted to walkways and stairways.

Adventures in Bisbee, Arizona by Regina Lord

We found lots of old little buildings, a bathtub without a home and an old bottle post.

Adventures in Bisbee, Arizona by Regina Lord

Lots of old brick, brightly colored homes and interesting street art.

Adventures in Bisbee, Arizona by Regina Lord

I really love these copper metal sculptures and gate with their green patina.

Adventures in Bisbee, Arizona by Regina Lord

We stumbled on this Buddhist shrine cave which was a nice surprise.

Adventures in Bisbee, Arizona by Regina Lord

A dead end found us at this crazy wall with lots of tile pieces, ceramic bits and other interesting items.

adventures in bisbee az by Regina Lord

A very kind, older gentleman invited us onto his property so he could show off his beautiful koi pond and mermaid sculptures.

adventures in bisbee az by Regina Lord

I must have taken over 500 pictures, but these are my favorites from the weekend.

I hope you had a great weekend too!

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5th of July felted flower GIVEAWAY!

I hope everyone in the states had a lovely 4th of July!  The photo above is my sorta sad attempt at photographing the fireworks that were several miles away.  Every year we get up on the roof, drink root beer floats and watch at least 5 different firework displays going on all over the city. We can’t see them very well, but it is still fun.  I had to use my telephoto lens, tripod and timer which makes it a little tricky.  The photo above is a layering of all my failed attempts, making a fun mess of sparkles.

felted flower giveaway

To celebrate summer I thought I’d giveaway four of my felted flowers to four different people. They don’t have anything sewn on the backs so you are free to keep them as is, or sew on hair ties, brooch pins or elastic wrist bands. Whatever makes you happy. :)

Please leave a comment by Sunday night and I will randomly pick 4 winners on Monday on this post. (comments closed- thanks!)


Randi Cook, Karowyn A., iHanna and LauraDobson

Thanks you so much everyone for playing!!

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Needle Felted Flowers::Part Two

Needle Felted Flowers Tutorial by Regina Lord

Here is part two of this needle felting flower tutorial. We will be making the flowers below.

Needle Felted Flowers Tutorial by Regina Lord

You will need to watch part one to see more in depth, how to do the felting, leaves and supplies. I had meant to make it all one big video, but it was taking to long to edit and upload, so I thought 2 parts would work too. This video is just over 10 minutes.

Needle Felted Flowers Tutorial by Regina Lord

Felting supplies courtesy of Beth from Curly Furr on Etsy

A review of supplies:
* Craft felt in various colors
* wool roving in various colors (I used fancy fiber crumbs and wooly bun crumbs)
* felting needles (I used 36g)
* needle felting foam
* scissors
* sewing needles
* sewing thread
* seed beads
* beading needles


* See notes from part one.

* The holes made by the needle in this flower did look a lot better after resting. They are still visible, but a lot less noticeable, especially after assembling the flower.

* Please come back on SATURDAY for a felted flower giveaway!

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