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less than $4

I haven’t been thrift shopping in ages.  It’s just been too hot.  But the heat has finally started dipping into the low to mid 90’s.  It’s an improvement, believe me. So I came across a few AWESOME finds. This little … Continue reading

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Vintage goodies

Looky at what I got. Some great vintage undie garment patterns, a skirt pattern, teeny wooden spools of thread, lace elastic, needle threader, folding scissors and  matchbook sewing boxes filled with needles or button, etc.   I am particularly excited about … Continue reading

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I think I’m finally coming out of my funk.  I have some things half done and am feeling a crafting frenzy coming on. I did manage to make these earrings on Sunday.  They are made out of 36g brass metal.  … Continue reading

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I went thrifting this morning and scored a bunch of great stuff. These cute Japanese cups and this awesome soap dispenser.  They all need a bit of cleaning up. One of my best vintage linen finds yet.  Nine beautiful full … Continue reading

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I *heart* buttons…

Can you tell? I forgot to mention the buttons that I also found while thrifting last weekend. I know I have a pretty good collection already, but I can’t ever resist!   A jar of them for $4.  After washing … Continue reading

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Let’s Ride!

My husband has always been really into bike riding and it has been his big goal in life to get his whole family into riding as well.  Lately, we have been trying to ride more in general and as a … Continue reading

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10 Days of Happiness- Day 2

Thrifted vintage pillowcases make me very happy, as you may have guessed.  But, a novel idea came to me the other day, to use them as actual pillowcases for pillows!  On the bed! Yeah, brilliant I know.  It makes me … Continue reading

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Bag Lady Skirts

  These two skirts were made from thrifted bags that I found at Savers for $2 each. They were big enough for me to fit into and a quick-n-easy sew.  I just had to cut off the tops and bottoms … Continue reading

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I know I shouldn’t…

but I just can’t help myself!! I really was only going to a church rummage sale that I saw a sign for, then one house led to another and before I knew it, I had a car full. More stuff … Continue reading

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Thrifting Therapy

There is nothing like thrifting. It gives me such immense joy. The anticipation, the seeking and the ever so glorious discoveries! I went on Friday and had a great time, just me and my I-guy. Here is what I found… … Continue reading

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